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Betty Smith
"In my seventy fifth year it is good to be with you again.
You who have shared this music with me for so many years,
my friends of song, join me again and sing along."

© Bluff Mountain Music 2002 CD

1. The Winds of the Past (3:48)
Words and music by Betty Smith. Copyright 1983.

2. The Unclouded Day (4:03)
Words and music by Josiah K. Alwood, circa 1880. Bill Smith - guitar, Kitty Mitchell - bass, Gary Mitchell - harmony vocal.

3. Road Song (2:32)
Poem by West Virginia friend Muriel Miller Dressler from Appalachia, 1977. Music by Betty Smith.

4. O No Sir (2:27)
Traditional. Betty Smith - vocal and guitar.

5. Get Up and Bar the Door (2:03)
Betty Smith - vocal.

6. Gone, Gonna Rise Again (2:59)
Words and music by Si Kahn. Copyright 1975. Joe Hill Music (ASCAP). All rights reserverd.

7. The Road to Dundee (3:56)
Traditional Scottish. Betty Smith - vocal and psaltry.

8. Carolina Rain (3:34)
Words and music by Bill Smith. Copyight 1990. Bill Smith - vocal and guitar, Betty Smith - harmony vocal and guitar.

9. Green Grows the Laurel (3:11)
Traditional. Betty Smith - vocal.

10. Kitty Alone (2:59)
Traditional Lullaby. Betty Smith - vocal and mountain dulcimer.

11. Sweet Marie (4:13)
Old Time Fiddle Tune. Betty Smith - autoharp, Gary Mitchell - guitar.

12. How Can I Keep From Singing? (3:47)
Music, Ira D. Sankey (1840-1908). American Evangelist. Words anon. Betty Smith - vocal and guitar, David Tweedie - fiddle.

13. Dumbarton's Drums (4:26)
Traditional Scottish Betty Smith - vocal and psaltry.

14. Wagoner's Lad (2:31)
Traditional. Betty Smith - vocal.

15. Song for the Mira (1:51)
Words and music by Allister MacGillivray of Cape Breton. Copyright Morning Starr Music, Inc. Betty Smith - vocal and guitar,
Bill Smith - guitar.

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