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Masters Of The
Mountain Ducimer
Betty Smith
Traditional * Contemporary * Original * Classical * Jazz * Celtic
Instrumental Solo and Ensemble Selections * Volume One

© Susan Trump Music 1997TAPE CD

1. Lorraine Lee Hammond
Muddy River Suite

2. Jean Ritchie
Resignation - - Goin' To Boston

3. Larkin Bryant Cohen
Song for Polly

4. Gary Gallier
Gypsy Wind

5. Lois Hornbostel
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes / Give Me Your Hand

6. Loe Kretzner
The Extra Drops of Brandy

7. Margaret MacArthur
Droning Mrs. Gobier / Old Christmas for Dulcimer

8. Susan Trump
Misty Mountain Morning / Amazing Grace

9. Wayne Seymour
The Humours of Glenridge

10. David Schnaufer
Time After Time

11. Janita Baker
Stormy Weather

12. Rob Brereton
Don't Get Around Much Anynore

13. Tull Glazener
Boneparte Crossing the Rhine

14. Betty Smith
Liza Jane

15. Bill Taylor
Emma's Song

16. Sue Carpenter
Greensleeves / Scarborough Fair

17. Neal Hellman

18. Mike Casey
Soor Plooms

19. Mark Nelson
Si Beg Si Mor

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