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Then and Now
Betty Smith
"Some very special treats on this album...the playing of the psaltery...
.... heavenly sounding plucked instrument." - Victory Jazz & Folk Review

© Bluff Mountain Music 1994TAPE CD

1. How Can I Keep From Singing (1:41)
Old Hymn

2. Give My Love to Nelly, Jack (4:55)
Parlor Song (Charles Ray Nance and Betty Smith, vocals. Betty Smith, autoharp. Roger Howell, guitar.)

3. Barbara Allen (4:11)

4. Buffalo Boy (3:21)
Traditional (Jim Trantham, vocal and guitar. Betty Smith, vocal and dulcimer.)

5. The Little Mohee (2:48)
Traditional (Betty Smith, vocal and autoharp. Carroll Best, banjo.)

6. The Rejected Lover (2:56)

7. Old Witchet (3:54)
Traditional (Betty Smith, vocal and dulcimer. Roger Howell, banjo.)

8. Westphalia Waltz (2:42)
(Betty Smith, dulcimer. Roger Howell, fiddle and guitar.)

9. Bonnie Besse Logan (1:19)
Traditional Scottish

10. The Coming of the Roads (2:52)
by Billy Edd Wheeler (Betty Smith, vocals and guitar. Sidney Baker, cello.)

11. The Green Fields of America (3:55)

12. Fashioned in the Clay (4:58)
by Elmer beal, Jr. (Betty Smith, vocal and guitar. Roger Howell, guitar.)

13. Seasons of Peace (3:50)
by Bob Beers (Psaltery)

14. The Dreamer (3:20)
by Barry Etris (Betty Smith, vocals and guitar. Sidney Baker, cello.)

15. Incantation for a New Coat (1:51)
by Bettie Sellers (Music by Betty Smith, psaltery.)

16. The Blind Man on the Corner (3:12)
by Bill Smith (Betty Smith, vocals, guitar and lap psaltery. Roger Howell, guitar.)

17. Come by the Hills (3:33)

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